Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Logan's birthday invitations

I feel the need to preface this post with: I do not make cards, my 'scrapbooks' are videos that I make at the end of the year. I ordered both Cyan's AND Alex's birthday invites last year and I loved it! However, I do love paper, and I think that my love of paper is what got me so enamored with this project.

Ok, now that we have gotten that out of the way, today I made this:

This and 8 more just like them are sitting on my table... and before they get handed over to grubby toddler fingers I decided to make record of my card making adventure.

It took buying $30 worth of materials (because I do not scrapbook or make cards!), 10 hours over an exacto knife (literally, and then the tip broke off, so I was trying to get strait lines with a BROKEN exacto knife), getting a massive cramp in my hand from lining all the pieces with a sharpie (which I am still nursing), and going through not one, but two prototypes to get it... but oh goodness it is cute! And I doubt that I have ever been more proud except when I gave birth to my children.

I got the idea here. This lady is just as crazy about parties as I am, and she makes beautiful cards! I love all her ideas that I have seen so far, and I started following her blog so I don't miss any that are to come. She is a party genius (and she has a newly 3 year old boy... how cool is that? Can Logan have an Internet buddy?).

So, now that you can tell I have had WAY too much caffeine this week and am completely crazy about birthday parties, I think I should show you my ideas for the party... but I can't.... because the cramp in my hand is making it hard to type.

I can tell you that the gift bags include a CD with this song on it... and more...



April said...

I am completely crazy about parties too! I love unique invitations

Elizabeth said...

Very cool!!!