Friday, July 3, 2009

Invitations to Wonderland!

Cyan's birthday is on the 13th. Her party this year is Alice in Wonderland. I have gone a bit over the top, but I always do for their birthdays, and I love it. Really I do. This year, everything for this party seemed to just fall into place. Her costume was found and perfect, I have been collecting tea cups and tea pots from every garage sale I come across and I have had some really wonderful finds too! And then, the invitations. Our whole group has these huge kid parties. We have figured out that if the invitation sets the mood of the party for the kids, then the whole party is already a success. Each and every child spends a week being excited about it, get ready for it, picking their outfits, and gifts to bring, etc… The party is already a bang without us even having to plan killer kids games. (But of course, we still plan killer games. This year it is painting the roses red and croquet of course. )

The caption on the cute little piece of paper rolled up on the back of each envelope says "Find a looking glass close at hand to read your invitation to Wonderland!" And when you get to a mirror there is this:

Cyan Elora requests
the pleasure of your company
in Wonderland
for the celebration
of her very merry 8th birthday

Saturday July, 11th 3pm

Follow the white rabbit to (our address)

Respond to Val @ (our phone number)
or off with your heads!

As for the rest of the party... well I am sure someone there will be taking pictures. ;)

These wonderful invitations came to me by way of a chance google search... and Viva la Violette. She built this custom invitation for me in a matter of days and sent them priority so they would be here in plenty of time for sending. She is even using some of the ideas in her shop. Wonderful customer service! I will be recommending her to my friends. (And just as an aside, it was only $6 more than it would have been for me to do it ALL myself, to have them custom made and shipped to me! I was really impressed!)

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Alycia in Va. said...

very cute. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your games at the party :)