Friday, July 17, 2009

Early Ed ~ Mommy Logan Camp

This week Logan and I have had a couple days of "camp" just like Cyan. He is sorely in need of some mama time, and I figure there was no better time to give this to him than this week when everyone else was occupied.

Monday: a zoo trip where we got to see the budgies, and really enjoyed the show where we saw ducks, horn bill birds, bald eagles, a porcupine, and a beaver up close!

Tuesday: went swimming with daddy while Alex and I had our own little camp.

Wednesday: went to the free movie of Horton Hears The Who. Which was great and funny (and I was very happy it was free. ;) )

Thursday: We rode the train from Cyan's class area to the farmers market and picked up a bunch of wonderful veggies and fruits from our beautiful and bountiful state... and of course, a balloon sword from the Balloon Guy, and a half pint of blueberries which got eaten before we even got back on the train.

Most of these trips I didn't bring my camera, but for the zoo I was fortunate enough to have it with me.

"Hey mom? What's this stick for?"

"Um, WOW, there is a bird on that stick you gave me!?!"

Cute little bird.

We have had a lot of fun. And it has been nice being with just him... cuz as you mamas with more than two kids can attest to... it doesn't happen often. It has made me a very busy, tired woman... but I am ok with that. :)

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Lisa said...

What a great series of shots with the bird. Your little guy is just the sweetest.

Lisa ;)