Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Book pick of the week ~ We Like To Nurse

We got the book We Like To Nurse by Chia Martin for a bit of help defining animal families. The kids and I have been playing this game Animal, Animal, Animal in the car for a while now, and always, one of the first questions is 'is it a mammal?" When Cyan says yes, I am thinking mammal as defined by having live young, warm blooded, nurses... etc... Cyan was thinking 'has fur". So I decided to clear up a bit of that and put some books on hold at our local library to help define the attributes of a mammal. This one was one of them.

All of the animals in this book are mammals... and it tells tiny details about ways the animals adapt to their environments along with nursing. Like the picture above.

The art is simple. All my kids have read it at least once, including Logan. But I think that it carried with it a strong lesson, and I thought it was worth sharing.
Does anyone else have some wonderful nursing or mammal books to share? Leave a comment! I love new books to look at. :)

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sarah in the woods said...

Aw, cute book. Put a big picture of Rohan in that one!