Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Early Ed ~ Tongs and cotton balls

On the early ed shelf this week is a tray with 10 cotton balls, tongs, and two plates. Having already tried the other transfer activities it took very minimal explaining for him to get the idea of this one.

Pick up, move over,

Put down:

Then yell at the top of your lungs "I DID IT!!!!" and look COMPLETELY adorable:

This activity is one of my new favorites. Not only does he love it and continue to do it in his spare time, but you can see the finger dexterity get better each and every time he does it:

It is very easy to see the connection between this activity and early writing.

And I have to admit, the photo opportunity was quite wonderful:

Acidentily picking up two cotton balls.

Informing me that he was "almost done".

More on Logan. He has been a handful these last two days or so. Pitching fits, yelling at us when we say no, deciding that he isn't going to eat anything unless he is standing... and on top of that, he is allergic to something random that we can not identify. About a week ago, he got hives all over his pour little body. Thinking that it was the strawberries I had just brought home (first of the season) I tried to get him to avoid strawberries for the next week... but the hives kept coming. And being that it was strawberry season, and I was freezing as many as I could, I knew that I couldn't keep them from him completely. So again... I just assumed it was the strawberries.

Well, two days ago, he got into the strawberries I was topping while I thought he was down for nap. Made a huge mess... and I waited with him, with Benadryll on hand to see how bad the hives would get. Nada. None. It is completely something else. And I have no idea what it is. Luckily, it looks like they are clearing up, slowly but surely.

On top of that though, he has been adorable lately! He is really starting to talk completely in sentences all the time. They are clipped and short, but very clear. A couple of weeks ago he was playing outside with the kittens and his big plastic car and he came running in crying. When I asked him what was wrong he said "MAMA! Dat kitty, right der, ate my dirty string cheese!!" and low and behold, there is Bo, string cheese in her mouth, growling at Logan every time he came near. LOL! He also has started to ask us all day long "Hi! How you doing today?" lol... it is completely adorable. If his new language skill didn't come with the screaming back at us when we said no about something... well, it would be the cutest phase yet.


Bona Fide Mama said...

fun! thanks for sharing!

Sadie said...

Okay the "I did it!!!" picture is completely adorable!

Frannie said...

Thanks for the idea. I just did this with nuts this morning with my 2yr old and he loved it. I was surprised he knew what to do..those smart little fellas! He was so proud of himself...then he got to crack and eat the nuts:)