Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sometimes, people... it just clicks.

Cyan has been saying that she "can't read" for months. She has been so convinced that she can't read, that she won't read even to me or Don lately. She has her brother read to her all the time because 'she can't read'... and of course, being the teen-aged brother that he is, he obliges her, enjoying the tiny bit of superiority he feels having a 'can't read' little sister (well, sometimes he is actually being helpful, as well).

This morning she was sitting next to a couple of her friends in her history class, and they were asking all the same spelling questions that she was asking. My friend said that she kept looking back and forth between her two kids (whom are both pretty fluent readers) and her work and seeing that not only did theirs look similar to hers, but they were asking all the same questions she, "the not reader", was asking. "What does this word start with? Oh wait. I know that one. Nevermind. What about this one? Oh yeah, an "M". Got it. Thanks." My friend said it was so funny to her, because it was obvious that Cyan wasn't far behind, but that she had just convinced herself that she couldn't do it.

So this afternoon, Cyan came in with a book and said "MAMA! I can READ this!" and proceeded to read the entire story of The Gingerbread Boy.

From 2009_7_21

This video is her 'not reading' the last page of the 12 page long story, and I should have kept recording, because after she was finished, she looked at me with the cutest 'see, I told you I could do it' expression as if she has been reading to us like this for years... it was priceless. Can't read... my aunt fanny!


sarah in the woods said...

Way to go Cyan! This was so very encouraging to me. Miah turned 7 in June and is starting 2nd grade. I really don't have anyone to compare her reading level to and always feel very discouraged that she is not progressing quicker. I tell myself not to compare and don't push,etc. But being able to see reading click for Cyan makes me believe it will one day click for Miah too.
I really should relax! Poor Miah will always be my guinea pig.

Tan Family said...

Every child "clicks" when they are ready. Very exciting! Beautiful pictures.

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Sarah, Cyan turned 8 last week. She is entering 3rd grade. Honestly, the main reason I didn't push her is because Alex didn't read until the summer after second grade. So she is RIGHT where he was. And at the time, I didn't push him either, because he was in public school, and so his success wasn't *all* on me, if that makes sense. With Cyan, it has been a little harder not to push... because like you say, there is no one to compare her too except my fluent and avid reader Alex, who turned 13 yesterday. I am completely and wholly responsible for her education, and reading is the 'penultimate' between grades 1 - 4. If they can read well, then 'everybody' believes they are doing well and doesn't question you about anything you are or are not doing (or at least, doesn't question you as much). But I waited. In fact, we haven't worked on reading in months aside from a 'hey, what does that sign say, I don't have my glasses' strategically put here and there. It really does just click... and when it clicks. Oh man! She has been reading this book all afternoon. lol!
I follow some Waldorf education philosophy and also basic Psychology on reading for the most part. Waldorf says that children should not be required to read their own work until 3rd grade. They are not all ready and so the ones that get left behind just feel stupid. Developmental Psychology says that the 'second language acquisition phase' which incorporates reading, is around the age of 8 at the earliest, and children who read earlier than that are not getting the full and complete meaning of what they are doing. I don't know if either one of those is true for all children... but both are true for MY children.

HTH a little bit.

Love Val

sarah in the woods said...

Val, Will you email me at slj4981 at gmail dot com?

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

Wow, sounds like she had a real "lightbulb moment", and how great that you were there to witness it all! How exciting!!