Monday, July 6, 2009

Birthdays are coming up

July is a busy month for us. We have the housewarming tomorrow, Cyan's birthday this weekend (complete with crazy fun party) and Alex's birthday next weekend (at a laser tag place per his request).

I had a good day at market yesterday. I am taking the next two weekends off of work for the kids parties and such so we had an extra person there (who will fill in for me while I am gone). We all got a little bit of time away from the stand. I spent mine in the local shops looking for birthday gifts for my kiddos, and man did I find some great ones. The best of all being this lunch box for Cyan:

"Yep, that's a pretty lunchbox" you say... but it is OH so much more! This is the story of Snow White and Rose Red! On the back is a bear wrapped in a blanket in front of their fireplace just like in the story!

So often the original stories of the Brother's Grimm are lost these days. Many people think that Disney got most of their early stories from them, but I can' think of one that was retold in their style. Contrary to popular belief, the Grimm's Brothers stories were not really for children. They were legends and fables collected from areas around their part of the world. I have the entire collected works and some of them are very odd indeed. Some of them, like The Little Cinder Girl have been retold and retold and often attributed to the Brothers Grimm but more often the actual story that is told is the one by Charles Perrault. The Grimm's brothers had no fairy godmother or carriages made from garden pumpkins.

The story of Snow White and Rose Red however, was one of my childhood favorites. I have told it to Cyan countless times and she even dressed up as Snow White (the fair haired girl from this story) for a Halloween party we went to while Logan dressed as a young prince, turned into a brown bear.

So this lunch box, when I saw it, was instantly for my girl. I am planning on filling it with needle felting materials of her very own and giving it to her for her birthday along with a weeks worth of Irish Dance classes. Such fun gifts are almost as fun to give as they are to get!


Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

Awww... what sweet gifts! I'm sure she'll be thrilled! It's like fate that you found it. I've never seen anything like that before.

Crescent Moon said...

That lunch box is really beautiful! I always loved that story too. There was a picture book of Snow White and Rose Red at my Grandma's house when I was growing up and I read it every time we stayed with her. Grandma is now gone, but my mom lives in her old house and the book is still there, so it's become a favorite of my kids too.