Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Montessori for Cyan

Self correcting "Days of the Week" accordion folders.

I am calling this my strawberry series. Strictly because I have a bunch of squares of this fabric and other strawberries and I thought that she would love to have an ed series with all strawberry fabrics that I made JUST for her!

See that little fabric tag that says "1" on it? The days of the week are the first of this series. #2 will have the months of the year, then we will move up to alphabetical order. It was crazy easy to make, and Cyan was finished with it in under a minute. But I knew that this would be review. The others in the series may not be. So we will see how fast she does those.

These are self corrective... which Cyan LOVED. It gave her a real confidence to be able to correct them herself. :) I am hoping that the rest of the series will be as successful. (But hopefully the rest will actually teach her something.)


Crescent Moon said...

I may have to try that accordion folded days of the week thing. I was asked by my son's speech therapist to keep singing the days of the week to him, but he still doesn't remember them in order. He has some kind of mental block when it comes to anything that describes a passage of time, minutes, hours, days...

sarah in the woods said...

Oh my! I can't believe how beautiful you made yours! I printed off several activities for Miah and stuck them in separate plastic baggies. Very creative - I know! But she really likes doing them, especially the one with simple commands on slips of paper. She keeps choosing that one and telling me how much she enjoys it and asking me to make her some more. I did write some more up for her tonight. Amazing how much she enjoys reading little slips of paper when books were causing "headaches". Thank you again for all your wonderful advice. This week all I've done is ask her to choose one Montessori reading activity in the morning and we're continuing the 5 minute phonics lesson in the afternoon, because that never really bothered her. I'm also exploring "living math" so our math this week has consisted of a board game per day. It feels weird but kind of nice to not be doing "anything".
I just gave you an award, here:
Please feel don't feel obligated, just want you to know that I love your blog.

Sadie said...

I love the fabric! Anything with fairies on it. We've gotten out a lot of our language center stuff lately too....ABC order cards and contraction cards, etc....I need to get the months and days ones out for Cale.

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

Cyan must have been thrilled with this, and I am loving that fabric! You've inspired me to put a set of these together for Emily. Can't wait to try.... thanks!