Saturday, February 6, 2010

Late winter nature table

This nature table is such a reflection of what is going on in our yard right now. Once again, it is blank... even more blank than the winter nature table. In the yard we have been pruning, cleaning, raking, and carefully replanting. Our trees are coming this next week and we have to find a place to put them all. I have given The Man the task of getting the garbage and yard waste from the carpet pulling and the ivy cutting to it's rightful place... so far that has been an epic fail. The kids and I have been making a dent in it though... as much as a single yard waste bin every two weeks can do. ;)

Back to the nature table though. I added these sweet little paper roses for the celebration of Valentine's day (I know, no roses would usually be blooming right now, but this is the only place in the house they will be safe). I made Mother Nature a beautiful valour cape with a red silk ribbon and she is holding a red glass heart (I love red glass!).

Here is one of our candles from our Imbolc candle making.

Perfect for the celebration of the new light!

If you look really closely, you can see our little teasel hedgehog under the story 'The Hat' by Jan Brett. :) So cute!


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