Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A bit of African fun (SOTW Chapter 29)

In Story of the World we slowly travel around the globe and each event that marked the turning point of a society we follow for a little while and become invested in. Sometimes we focus on the culture, sometimes we focus on the events, and sometimes the animals.

This story was a favorite of mine and I was lucky to have inherited my mother's copy for my own kids. They love it! It is about Anase the Spiderman (Logan calls it "the real Spiderman story") and about how he brought stories to the people of the world. Wonderful symbolism, fun illustrations, and lots of great cultural tidbits.

We have passed the African Kingdoms chapter some time ago (now on 32 and that was 29) but it is always nice to review with a little bit of culture and fun.

And just to get your wiggles out, check out this great video:

How fun is that??


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