Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Back to the fun stuff…


Adding the fun back in a day at a time.  Today it was our bento lunches.  How the kids have missed them!  Cheese and crackers on the bottom, carrots, dip and a few graham cracker goldfish on top.  They so enjoyed going to the spring party today and bringing their little lunch boxes and water bottles.  Even Alex said he liked it, although I had to pack a fruit bar on top of a double portion of lunch for his ever growing appetite.  (He is now 5’10” and wears a 13 shoe!)

I lead a butterfly craft at the spring party today.  I got to learn a few things about being a mama of a newborn and a teacher.  The baby woke up just before I started and so I had him on my lap the entire time.  It made teaching really difficult and I was flustered and hard to follow most of the time.  When I got done and we were all sitting down to lunch I had the grand idea of putting Luke in the sling (which he prefers to being on my lap anyhow, the cuddler that he is) and then thought how helpful that would have been had I thought of that while I was trying to teach the craft!!!  I will know for next time. 

My babymoon being nearly over (7 weeks old today!), I am excited that I am starting to get my grove enough to want to do things like lead a craft table or pack a bento lunch. I have loved taking the time off to love on my sweet new babe, but I am guessing I will love living my life with him along with us even more. Red heart

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