Saturday, April 2, 2011

History class

SOTW class went on for Cyan while I was on maternity leave.  My wonderful friends found a new place to have class and did the first 6 chapters of SOTW Level 3 with Cyan still able to attend.

This last two weeks we have been back to doing history class here and I am completely impressed with what the class has been doing without me.

Chapter 7: They learned about the spread of slavery in the American collonies, and made patterned stamp art like Adinkra stamped cloth.



Chapter 8: (Happily back in my homeschool room!)  We learned all about how many groups of people took over the land that is now modern day Iraq.  For craft we built the bridge of 33 arches.


Chapter 9: We learned about the Thirty Years War in Germany and made paper lanterns to share in the festival of lights.


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