Thursday, April 7, 2011

Live Eagle Cam


For the last three days we have been keeping up on the live eagle cam that is showing the hatching eggs from a nest in Iowa. (Link) It has been SUCH a cool experience!  The last time we were watching a cam of baby birds none of the eggs hatched.  So I was thrilled to see that ALL THREE of these eggs are now hatched and healthy! 


We have captured these bald eagle parents feeding their new eaglets, bringing in fish and dead critters for the attending parent to eat, sleeping, flying off… we even have seen both mama and papa eagle there at the same time and were able (for a brief time) to figure out which was which.  It is so neat!

However, there have been many times we have checked and seen nothing but black feathers… so my 4 yr old has nicknamed the channel “Eagle Butt TV”.


All morning long all three kids  have been making ‘eagle nests’ and taking care of ‘eagle eggs’ (although Alex would NOT pose for a picture). 


Later we are making ‘eagle nest’ cupcakes (with jelly beans on top) and perhaps even some ‘eagle food’ (fish, although it means a trip to the market)… 


Fun day in Unschooling land!

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