Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Book work rut

It seems like that is all we do. Book work. I don't like it. I enjoy field trips, experiments, etc.... but it takes SO long to get book work done right now that we don't have time for anything else. I am not enjoying the well trained mind method so much right now. Usually it is really really fun... but right now, it just seems heavy. 4 hours a week of Math, 6 hours a week of English Lit, 4 hours a week of History, 4 hours a week of Science... all of that compacted down into 4 days because of our schedule.

We have three field trips planned in the next three days and we are taking a break from everything but English. I have decided. lol... We are going to the Salmon Hatchery tomorrow morning, to NW Trek on Friday, and then to a play called "Puppets and Pirates" on Saturday and I am going to have anything else I have them do focus around those events. Color pictures, write poems, etc. All about fish, puppets, and wildlife. lol...

Better than being in the house with three bored kids. ;)

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