Friday, October 24, 2008

Cyan's review for October

Language Arts: She finished her 2nd Explode the Code book and we are waiting for the third to arrive. While we are waiting we are working through the Dolch Word lists (the most common 200 words in the English language). We have played a bunch of games to try to get her reading speed increased. She knows all the rules, very very well... but her speed is still slow and forced, so the games are working well.

Math: She is FLYING through MathUSee Alpha. We will be needing Beta before the end of the year... but, it is helping her build confidence in her math skills and that is helping with reading because she can do something, everyday, easily and well.

Science: We are working on Nocturnal Animals/wolves right now. Later this month we are going to Wolf Haven for a "howl in" and we are getting prepared. She is studying the difference between the eyes of a wolf and the eyes of a human. It has been terribly interesting.

Social Studies: We are currently studying ancient Egypt. She is working on finding places on the globe and using an atlas. She works with a map, a coloring sheet of relevant material, and a story that goes with each chapter. We have also been reading books about ancient Egypt and I got her a coloring book about ancient Egyptian fashions. She loved that and colors the relevant page nearly every lesson.

Fine Arts: So far this month we have studied both Van Gogh's life and his two most famous works: Starry Nights and Sunflowers. We have just started studying Bach as well. She has copied both works (in her own way, using specific techniques) and really is enjoying working with the different mediums.


Sarah said...

do you have any specific books or resources that you are using for techniques for each artist?

Val in the Rose Garden said...

We use the "Meet The Masters" program. I heard they are going to all internet, but I bought the old version used, so it is a book, and a DVD ROM that talks a little bit about each person, shows you some of their most famous works, and then gives you an activity that sometimes is directed and sometimes not. We kept going, because really, Van Gogh in the program is only two lessons. So I built another lesson with "Sunflowers" and followed their basic design.

Mostly, I have found that with things that are really interesting (like artists, history, etc) I just need tools in my head for working with those concepts and then we can go ahead with lessons and have them be great! But with no tools I am searching for tools and I look like an idiot if I try to teach something... usually I just confuse them. lol... So for the most part, I have to find someone who has done it the 'right' way, and then adjust it to my kids.