Monday, October 27, 2008

Fall Foods From Scratch Day

Cyan and I are talking about fractions. Alex is working on dividing fractions in Algebra. Lets talk fraction application... ie: COOKING!

So today, I set the kids to two separate items to cook. Cyan and I had planned on making pumpkin pie from scratch (like from a pumpkin) for a few weeks now. Alex wanted to make Zucchini bread, but I asked him to make something savory instead as we already had pie, and he found Zucchini Cheddar Bread in my Joy of Cooking.

So off we went. Alex grating Zucchini

And Cyan scooping pumpkin flesh out of the baked pumpkin from last night and putting into the blender to puree.

It was a wonderful morning. I did realise though, that Alex isn't quite ready for my cook book. Which is fine. He does great with the more simple recipes (he has made pancakes three days in a row out of one of the kid cookbooks), but the more complicated ones he gets easily frustrated. Completely understandable.

The Zucchini Bread is still in the oven... but smelling OH so good. And the pumpkin pie will be perfectly cooled for the best after dinner October Dessert EVER!

Fractions? Who would have guessed?

And done!


Sadie said...

So you decided to move....pie looks delicious...our pumpkin patch trip is tomorrow...we did fractions a month or so ago and Rylan made our garlic bread for dinner. He's getting better at reading the recipes.

nestof3 said...

Wow -- I really need to get my boys into the kitchen. They do offer to help, but to make the entire recipe. . . I am impressed! It all looks delicious.

by Val said...

Thanks ladies. It was a fun morning.

Omgoodness... someone else needs to try that pie! Seriously good stuff there.

The cheesy bread will need some tweeking. I sort of knew as he put the dill in that it wouldn't be as good as the rest of it sounded... but I thought it was great he was following the entire recipe. He wasn't thrilled with it either. But Logan LOVED it. lol! Hopefully it will inspire Alex to start tweeking his own recipes with me. :) I have wanted him to start a cookbook with me for a while. We have very similar, very broad tastes and the rest of the family... not so much.


Anonymous said...


Looks like fun.

My eldest two will cooking pumpkin cookies today - (thats if I can find any pumpkins today - they were all sold out in the supermarkets yesterday!!)

Hope you have a good weekend.

Lou x

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Lou, I am so glad you made it over here. :) Pumpkin cookies sound good... have a recipe to share? I will have to check your blog later. :)