Friday, October 3, 2008

Northwest Trek

I love Northwest Trek!  I have been there 6 times now and every time we see something different.  This time, it is rutting season.  We got to see all the critters bedecked with huge antlers, rubbing up against trees, calling to mates, and/or sleeping.  lol!  It was great! 

The little Cheney Discovery Center is the best.  It is a building set aside in the center of the park for kids.  It has a couple critters (local toads, snakes, salamanders, and a living bee hive with glass on the back so the kids can see in), but mostly it is crafts.  Today they were featuring bugs and frogs.  Logan was in heaven!  He kept yelling "Bee!  Bee!" and "B-fly!" (toddler for butterfly)... it was completely cute.  :)

I let Alex have the camera honors today... but here is a link to the pics from one of our previous trips.

NW Trek Nov 2007

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