Thursday, April 15, 2010

A big huge owie...

We have had some drama going on this past couple days.

On Monday, I started to feel kinda yucky just before my husband and I set out on our weekly date. I made the choice to stay home and sleep instead of go out. I really wasn't feeling good and I wanted to rest so I was ready for my busy week ahead. I was talking my husband through making dinner before I went back to bed when Logan started screaming.

I walked into the other room, and Logan came out holding his hand, which was covered in blood. Alex and Cyan were both crying and it took me about 2 seconds to figure out that we were headed to the ER. Logan had gotten his right ring finger slammed in the hinge side of the door and it took most of the pad of his finger off. I snatched him up, grabbed a clean towel, wrapped his hand and started putting pressure on it. I called to Don, while running to the car, and he got in and we drove to the ER. I called a friend to come be with the other kids (which was such an amazing blessing!) and we headed off.

I kept pressure on it for most of the next two and a half hours before we got in to get it stitched up. We only looked at it twice, but man... it was enough to turn my stomach. What a horrible wound! Logan was doing alright. It hurt quite a bit, partially because I was putting pressure on it, but I really wanted it to keep the bloodflow restricted so that when I released it, it would bleed on it's own and they would not have to poke it or anything to get it ready for the stitches. When we got into the back of the ER, the doctor told us that there may be some other damage that we couldn't see, but he was going to put the skin back in place, and then they would X-ray to see if it was broken.

They had to put Logan into a full body restraint, but amazingly enough, he did alright with it. I laid next to him, and put his favorite music on my iPhone and played a toddler flash card application with him while they stitched him up and he only cried for a second.... then was telling us what bears say, and whether or not he liked bananas as they were stitching up his now numb finger. He was doing WAY better than me. I had to hand the game over to Don several times so I didn't get sick.

It took them over an hour to do the stitches (his finger is so little and was so damaged), but when it was done, Logan seemed almost like normal. (Toddlers are amazingly resilient!) In the end, he had 9 stitches in the tip of his itty bitty ring finger to put it all back into place.

They left him on the restraint board while they took the x-rays, and then we were able to hold him again and he even asked to go potty. He was just amazing through the whole thing. It was about then that I started caring that I didn't have on shoes or a bra. I mean, after all, I was about to go to bed when it happened! Don gave me his sweatshirt and I just padded around in socks the rest of our time there. What else could I do?

Around 11pm we got home, but on our way, the Dr called and said that Logan's finger was fractured and since it was an open wound, he would need to be on a heavy dose of antibiotics for the next 5 days. That is not my favorite thing, but when the alternative is bone infection, better to be on the safe side. We got the kids all picked up, home and in bed, and Don headed back for the prescription.

Between the time that he left and the time he got back, my health took a big fat turn for the worse, and I ended up throwing up for the next 24 hours. Whatever I was getting before we left, decided to take the advantage of me being pumped full of adrenalin and when I crashed, I crashed hard.

Today Logan is doing fine and I am sore, but on the mend. Thank God. And I am just very, very grateful that he didn't loose his finger. We go to see the pediatric orthopedic surgeon tomorrow morning to have the dressing taken off for the first time, and honestly, I am dreading that. But it really helps that he seems nearly back to normal. He is very protective of his bandage (which is great), but other than that, he has been his feisty self for the last 24 hours.

My sweet goofy boy.



Sunshine said...

Phew. I hope your finger heals fast Logan! My tummy feels a little funny just reading about it. :)

Saminda said...

Wow Val! :( Poor little guy. It's always harder on the Mama's thought, isn't it?! Amazing how your tummy bug held off while you cared for Logan, then it took hold once you were home again. :) Hope you're both feeling great soon. xo