Monday, April 12, 2010


Logan is getting so big. Three weeks ago, my three year old son has basically potty trained himself.

I decided that before we went to CA in May, we would attempt potty training. I was a bit worried, as my potty training style of choice was the 'run around half naked' method. Both my other children's birthdays are in July, so around their 3rd birthday this method was an easy choice and it worked like a charm (taking less than a month, which is good by most records). But with a birthday in January, this isn't such a easy option. He would have to master taking off clothes at the same times as the potty training. We were concerned with the complicated nature of what we were asking of him, but we thought we would try anyway.

The first day was rocky. He had one big accident that almost made us give up the whole thing, because it involved poop in his hands. Blech! Sorry if that was TMI... there is no more. Promise. Why there is no more is because he didn't have another accident. He peed and pooped in his pants once, on the way (running!) to the bathroom on day two... but other than that, he has been dry and clean. And here is the kicker... he has even been dry at night!

Talk about a shock. I never even imagined that potty training could be so easy. I am amazed with him and his new found (and very well respected) ability. He is getting SO big!

He is still my boy though...



"Fire!! Oh yeah! Mama, I got one!"

"One what honey?"

"Dos ducks! Hahahaha!" in his best evil laugh.



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Anonymous said...

I love these pics! Logan is so funny and he is already pretty independent!