Monday, April 26, 2010

Grains of the World - Part 3

How does our grain garden grow? Well, let's see. The rice has decided not to grow any further than it did in the jar... which isn't too surprising as we are still dealing with low 40's at night here. The oats (that didn't sprout) didn't grow at all (but I am still looking to plant more seeds, I just have to get to a feed store), but the other four grains have gone crazy! They are about 2 inches tall and have taken on a beautiful color!

The corn hasn't come up yet, but it will be a while before it does. It likes to be really warm. I know we can grow corn here however, so I suspect that when we get back from our trip mid-May, we will have tiny corn stalks to add to the school bed grain mosaic.

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