Sunday, May 30, 2010

Alaska unit Study ~ Day Two

Today we talked about Alaska's wildlife. Mostly, bears. Foxes came up, as did the growing season, the long days (and long nights) and I read a story called "The Alaskan Cinderella" about a little girl who wears rubber boots to the ball, and a gown tossed down from an eagle that looks like salmon scales. But mostly, we talked about bears.

There are MANY bears in Alaska. We have raccoons getting into the garbage's and bird feeders... they have bears getting into theirs. So much so that the waste disposal companies have had to make special 'bear resistant' garbage cans.

This is a really cool video of the Alaskan Zoo testing out the new garbage cans with all their bears. It it shows nothing else, it shows that the bears try REALLY hard.... and it would probably be a bad idea to disturb one of these babies as they are 'working' on getting their post-hibernation snacks.

Other resources I used for this lesson:

Alaska (The movie)

"Berry Magic" by Teri Sloat

"This Place is COLD" by Vicki Cobb

"The Salmon Princess" by Mindy Dwyer

"The Alaskan Mother Goose" by Shelly Gill


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