Monday, May 31, 2010

Review of the Pacific States

This is the map I made on the board with the kids help. It has products from each state on it. After I took this picture, we circled the ones that were related to natural resources and then underlined the ones that were 'products'. It made for a messy map, but it was invaluable to see what my kids had actually learned.

This was their Pacific States "test":

1.) What two states have had a “Gold Rush” in their history? (Alaska and California)

2.) If you were to buy apples, you would want them to come from this state. (Washington)

3.) The earth is made up of ______________ layers. List those layers. (4 layers. Inner Core, Outer Core, Mantle, and Crust)

4.) Which is the closest state to Canada? (Trick question! Both Alaska and Washington boarder Canada)

5.) Which state is constantly growing? (Hawaii)

6.) Name three similarities between Hawaii and Alaska. (a mix of: have islands, huge shorelines, both have fish as a natural resource, active volcanoes, in the Pacific Ocean, etc)

7.) If you were to buy artichokes, they would most likely come from here. (California)

8.) Which is the closest state to Russia? (Alaska (at one place, it is just two miles away)

9.) Three states have active volcanoes. List them. (Washington, Hawaii, and Alaska)

10.) Which state has the most shoreline of any state in the USA? (Alaska, but Hawaii is completely surrounded, so that would count too.)

11.) Which state is the ‘Evergreen State’? (Washington)

12.) If you wanted to buy Tillamook cheese you would have to be near this state. (Oregon)

13.) All of the states we have studied so far boarder which ocean? (Pacific Ocean)

14.) Name four differences between Hawaii and Alaska. (A mix of: Latitude, cold and hot, Hawaii is near the equator and Alaska is near a pole, Alaska is connected to a landform and Hawaii is completely islands, different natural resources, etc)

15.) Which is the closest state to Mexico? (California)

16.) Which state is the ‘land of the midnight sun’? (Alaska)


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