Sunday, June 6, 2010

Resources for Washington State Unit Study

For each state I used a mix of the book series in this post, and the worksheets in this post. Here are the extra resources I used for the Washington State unit study:

Over Washington
Discoveries American Series - Washington
Washington State - A Scenic Tour
Bill Nye the Science Guy - Volcanoes (Talks about Mt St Helen's, the islands of Hawaii, and even Mt Delani National park in Alaska. Good for all the Pacific States.)

Weird Washington
E is for Evergreen
- A Washington Alphabet

All about WA state - a site that has state facts, state symbols, and other resource links.

FEMA for kids - Mt St Helen's safety and information. State - Tons of links (have not checked them all) about WA state and activities for kids. Great resource!

Apple Hangman - Just for fun, but each answer is a different kind of apple!

Recipe for WA:
Grandma Ole's Apple Pie
(of course!)

(Because we live here, these were limited. I didn't think we needed to spend a lot of time on WA state. But it was neat to see a few of these things. I learned some facts about our state I never knew before.)


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