Monday, June 7, 2010

Resources for Oregon State unit study

Oregon is only a little ways off, but we got a lot of information for our sister state. For each state I used a mix of the book series in this post, and the worksheets in this post. These are the extra resources I used for Oregon State in particular:

Apples to Oregon

Oregon, State of Wonder

Dirty Jobs with Mike Roe: Cranberry Farmer - (recap here, you can find it on Netflix or at your local library)

Bill Nye, the Science Guy - Volcanoes (talks about the ring of fire and Crater Lake briefly. Good for all the Pacific States.)

Crater Lake National Park teacher resources - This website is for teachers who are close enough to go to Crater Lake. If you can, you should go. It's amazing! But if not, skip down to the Jr Rangers portion at the bottom of the resources.

Tillamook Cheese Factory - We were lucky enough to tour this facility while we were on our trip. What a neat place! And, they have the best ice cream EVER. :) Watching the cheese be made was fascinating.

Oregon's Cranberry Network - Fun recipes and information on how cranberries are grown and harvested. Amazing process! Reminds me a lot of how rice is grown and harvested.

The Story of Henderson Lewelling - The story that is behind the book 'Apples to Oregon' is that of Henderson Lewelling. He is the man that brought apple trees to the West Coast. He and his brother were the pioneers of the now famous Oregon and Washington apple movement. Although WA grows more apples, in Lewelling's day, Washington WAS Oregon. So we won't hold it against him. ;)


Macaroni and Cheese Cheese Cheese

Paula Dean's Pear Crisp

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