Sunday, June 6, 2010

Resources for the USA unit studies

I have found TONS of really amazing resources for these studies that I would love to share with you. Along with the pages that I printed out and turned into a book (See here) I have been collecting and researching books and websites on different states and have found some really amazing gems in the mix!

For each state, my library carries these series:
Scholastic Series - America the Beautiful
Celebrate the States series
Portraits of the States
Weird USA (one for each state)

I have collected a few books for my own personal library on the subject as well:
Smart About the Fifty States
Don't Know Much About the 50 States
My America - A Poetry Atlas
Eat Your Way Through The USA

Games we have collected include:
10 Days In the USA
Scrambled States of America

Websites we have found and LOVED so far include:
Ben's Guide the Place the States (A fun game where you have to place the states on their correct places. Several levels from "Match up the piece with the state shape" to "Place the state where it goes on a lineless map".)

Mr Donn State Unit Studies (This site has tons of different resources. I found lots of broken links, but also many others that were very useful in developing this unit study.)

HIP Pocket Change (Each quarter from the USA quarter collection with a small amount of history and a coloring page.)

Shepard's Software USA Geography (A collection of games about the united states.)

Kids.Gov (a resource page which has each states website that are geared specifically for children. Some broken links here as well, but a lot of really neat sites to visit).

Over all, I have used these resources more than any others. There are hundreds and hundreds out there, and I have reviewed many of them setting up for this unit. As I go through the states I will add specific books, websites, and materials that I found helpful for that particular state's study.


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