Saturday, May 22, 2010

Grains of the World Part 5

We got back from our vacation and the first thing I did (like before going into the house) was check on the garden. It had grown SO much in those 15 days, I couldn't believe it. When I finally made it around to the back part of the garden where the grains of the world are, I was blown away! We have two new grains and the corn is almost 4 inches tall!

What blew me away the most was the size of the Oat plants.

With the 10 day delay in getting viable oats into the ground I was thinking they would be stunted... but here they are, right next door to the White Wheat that was planted at the same time as everything else, and they are pretty much catching up in size! WOW! That's a fast growing cereal plant. No wonder they are so cheap to purchase.


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