Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New Friends!

Meet our newest additions to our suburban homestead, Sophie and Ariel! They are our new baby rabbits.

We thought at first that they would be terrified of the cats, but as we got them settled, Alex allowed the cats to come check them out, and Ariel seemed as interested in the cats as they were of her!

I think they will be a fantastic addition to our growing homestead. Not sure if we will be in time to get chickens this year, or if it will have to wait until next Spring... but chickens are the next step!



Lisa said...

those are the cutest photos!! i love the one of the cat and bunny nose to nose!!! my kids are asking for bunnies sometimes. but we are quite happy with our dog and cat. would like to have chickens some day though.
have a great week

Anne said...

Very cute..:)