Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Last day of the Letter Dd

Box #1 was Nature Bingo that we played as a whole family.  It was crazy fun!  :)


Box #2 was the Waldorf Alphabet Book with the Lakeshore Learning Letter Tub


Box #3 was the Dd pages from LOTW.



Box #4 was a sorting game with shoe laces and colored beads.


Box #5 was the wipe-off tracing handwriting book.  Idea from here.


Box #6 was a coin sorting activity.  American Currency this time.


Box #7 was the Dd is for Dumptruck puzzle which Logan put together all on his own and was SO proud!


Box #8 was Harvest by Kris Waldherr and In the Garden flash cards with easy words on the back.


After this book we did a bit of “Harvest” of our own in the garden.  :)


Box #9 was a new hand-me-down gift from my friend Heather. 


It’s called Logico and it has different pegs that you move like multiple choice answers that are self correcting (because each color is only used once). It’s a great addition to my preschool fun boxes!

Box #10 was, once again the Leap Frog letter factory Fridge Letters.


While we were in the garden, we got a little brush up on pollination from our little friend here. 


We followed him to the oregano, then to this big sunflower, and then he left our yard.  We talked about where he must have gone to make honey for his bee family and then we brought in our haul and made our yummy corn for lunch!


It was a yummy homeschooling day!

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