Thursday, September 1, 2011

Letter Dd - day 2

If you have noticed, we only do 3 days a week of formal ‘school’.  They are long days, and filled to the brim with exciting fun things to do, but there are only three of them.  It makes my husbands schedule livable (He works from noon - midnight).  Even though our school days are limited during any given week, what Logan and I get done is kind of amazing!  He has come SO far in the 4 short weeks we have been doing formal preschool.  Smile He is a bright kid… and that doesn’t hurt.  He also LOVES being right.  Another thing that doesn’t hurt at all.  lol…  But today I threw a bunch of new stuff into his boxes because he is ready.

Box #1 was the Lakeshore Learning Dd letter tub, and the Montessori sandpaper letters.  We used them a little differently this time.  When I got into the school room he had laid out all the letter tub and so I had him hold up each item and say “Duh - duh - duh DOG!”.


However… before I even got into the room Cyan had taken on the roll as teacher and had the sandpaper letters laid out on the platform.  I listened from nursing the baby as Logan sounded out “Buh - Aah - Duh, B - A - D.  Bud?  No BAD!!”  Talk about starting the day on a good note!  He was SOooooo happy with himself, and I was pretty darn impressed!!

Box #2 was our worksheets from LOTW.


Box #3 was the Montessori shapes again.


However, today, after he matched them up on the stand I had him trace around the outside of the shapes and then tell me what they were. He got all of them but trapezoid! I was really impressed!


Box #4 was a Dd scavenger hunt!  (Idea from LOTW)


At one point Alex told him that DAD started with Dd.  So Logan called me back into the room and this is what I found:


  LOL!  Under DAD’s foot there was a Ddollar, two Ddice, and a Ddime.  Smile  Pretty darn good!

Box #5 was a cutting activity.


Box #6 was a 1/1, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4 activity.  He loves this one!


Box #7 was another one that I have put in a lot but now put a twist on it.  I handed him the pad and then showed him a letter.  He had to guess and make the sound of the letter and then I would hand it to him so he could see if he was correct.  He was… every time.


Box #8 was a coloring sheet from his ABC Notebook.


He has decided that coloring ‘hurts his arm’ and so I have to color with him to have him do it at all.  I colored the dolphin while he colored the diamonds.  As we sat there he started saying “Duh - duh DIAMONDS!” 


Box #9 was a set of blocks with only the letters we have covered so far.  I would show him the pictures and ask him what the starting letter was.  He would say the sound, then the word, then the letter.  It was quite amazing!


Box #10 was a fun “Dd is for dumptruck” puzzle!  I was able to teach him the first lessons of puzzle making (find the corners, color matching, etc) and he was able to put the whole thing together himself. 


I have to admit to being slightly blown away today by my super smart boy!  He was so ready for this information.  I have never had him sit down to do any schooling before and at first it showed, but now… he is FLYING through this with no issues whatsoever.  I waited for a while to present formal information with my olders as well, but you just never know when a child is really ready.  It’s always so nice to get past that hump of misunderstanding and have them just fall into the flow of it. 

It’s great to be a homeschooler!

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