Thursday, September 1, 2011

This post is brought to you by the letter Dd!

For the start of the Letter Dd I had some fun things up my sleeve! 

In box #1 he had a dinosaur bingo game that I made up.  He got to play it with his sister this time! 


Because of the age difference, their pages looked entirely different. His had numbers to identify while hers had simple division and multiplication problems to solve for the same numbers. 


I am going to be doing this again. This was great for both of them and they loved having something they could do together.

In box #2 there were the Montessori sandpaper letters and the letter Dd sound tub from Lakeshore Learning.


Box #3 was a set of number recognition activities with little Dd is for Dinosaurs!


Box #4 was a bead sequencing activity from Lakeshore Learning.


Box #5 was a Dinosaur mat!  On the back of this mat there is a spot to invent your own dinosaur!  He loves anything with dry erase markers so this was a hit.


Box #6 was a metal Montessori shape matching activity.


Box #7 was a letter copying activity using the idea from here.


Box #8 was a coloring activity which will be turned into matching cards as soon as I can get my hands on a laminator. Smile


Box #9 was Boggle Jr.  Once again, I only use this game as a matching activity, although this time he enjoyed using the timer.  Smile


Box #10 was the Leapfrog Letter Factory fridge letters with the letter Dd added in and then he got to watch the Letter Factory in the DVD player. 


It was a good school day! 

(All these dino printouts have been in Logan’s file for school since long before we started this curriculum, so I don’t have any links.  I’m sorry!  I do know that finding dino stuff just from a simple Google search was all I did the first time and I found all I used here and more!  Winking smile)

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