Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Letter Cc - Day 3

The last day on the letter Cc went great. 

Box #1:  Oops & Oopsie yoga kids game.


Box #2: Book: My “C” Sound Box and the Cc tub from Lakeshore Learning.


Box #3: Leapfrog Letter Sounds (fridge magnets) A - C along with the video “Leapfrog Letter Factory” to watch after school.


Box #4: Cc is for Caterpillar dice game from LOTW (just like the Butterfly dice game.  And he loved it just as much!)


Box #5: Uppercase C and Lowercase c color by number from Education.com.  (I called it “magic hidden picture”.)


Box #6 was a counting objects page from Let’s Explore (*Favorite of the day*)


Box #7 was the Boggle Jr game.  I don’t use the word cover yet… I just have him use it as a matching game for the letters.  He does quite well against the timer.  :)


Box #8 is the Cc is for Car coloring page.


Box #9 was the matching game again from Storytime and More.  He was able to do the whole thing on his own this time (I removed the 10… it’s too confusing!)


Box #10 was a set of Aa - Cc Montessori sand paper cards.  He is really starting to understand how to write these letters from this tactile reinforcement.  :)


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