Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bb week - day 1


It’s our very first day with the letter Bb!  I am not sure how long I am going to keep documenting his workboxes, but I figured as long as your not sick of it and I can keep doing it (ie: it doesn’t interfere with my teaching) then why not?  Box #1 today was above… it was two handwriting worksheets that I helped him with and then the Lakeshore Learning Bb letter tub which we worked through together sounding out the different words that all start with the letter Bb.

Box #2: A butterfly game from LOTW.


Box #3: Montessori activity: Jars and Lids activity


Box #4: Bb is for Birds coloring page.


Box #5: bird match up


Box #6: Clothes pin number match


Box #7: blind button matching (Montessori by touch, sensory activity)


Box #8: Tad’s Alphabet Fridge magnet set with only the letter Aa, and the letter Bb sounds.  The little songs are easy for both of us to remember and foster great memory skills.


Box #9: Rhyming words cards.  I only threw in 10 sets. 


Box #10:  Same as yesterday… we didn’t have any more luck finding clouds today as we did yesterday. 


So we looked for more pollinators instead.  We had some luck with that!  :) 


We counted 52 happy bees on my lavender patch!


Happy homeschooling!

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mrsalf97 said...

Please keep blogging about them as long as you can.