Wednesday, August 17, 2011

This post is brought to you by the letter Cc

Today we started the letter Cc!  Some of this stuff I have been saving for months to try out. 


Box #1 the Very Hungry Caterpillar book along with the butterfly’s life stages out of plush, sweet, little softies.  Luke wanted in on this one… and then he wanted to nurse.  :P


Box #2 was some letter Cc pages from LOTW.


Box #3 was a caterpillar craft.


I thought it turned out extra cute!  I love the second one where Logan took some ‘artistic license’ and made his second caterpillar in different, funky colors.  :)


Box #4 is a lacing card with Cc is for Cat.


Box #5 is a set of matching coins (American currency this time) to match and a couple of “Cc is for Calculators”.


#6 was a Montessori pouring activity.


He REALLY enjoyed this one… loved the idea of being able to pour me drinks.  Luckily the pitcher wasn’t too big or I’d be swimming away.


Box #7 was a coloring page with “Cc is for Cat”


Box #8 was the Waldorf Alphabet Book.  Logan loves to find all the things that begin with each letter in the pictures as I read this to him.


Box #9 was the Leapfrog Fridge Letters again… but this time we added Cc!


Box #10 was an idea I got from Pinterest


These sheets are free to print and when you put them in sheet protectors it makes a wipe off free handwriting workbook!  Logan thought it was the coolest thing ever.  Even Cyan wanted a turn with this fun new workbook idea.  (I’ll have to make her some with cursive phrases… that’s what she’s working on right now.)


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