Thursday, August 18, 2011

In honor of Cyan’s “Woods” study

My Aunt Pat sent me this adorable video of a baby fawn being rescued.  It had fallen into some really large rocks in the back of some peoples yard and the mama kept circling the yard frantically looking for the sweet baby.  The baby was calling to her, so the people knew the babe was down there and alive.  They employed several different tools including the Jaws Of Life to get the baby out and it immediately ran to it’s mama and started nursing.

This last week we have studied quite a bit about deer and the woods.  We even went on a camping trip and Cyan was able to recap her adventures in her woods section of her Animal Science Notebook!  Here are a few of the resources we have used:

Deer LapBook from Homeschool Share

Caribou Page from National Geographic Kids

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