Monday, August 8, 2011

ABC Notebook for preschool


Logan’s Notebook is very much like Cyan’s although he needs a bit more guidance for early ed and he is also eager to go along with whatever I am doing.  His notebook is going through the alphabet and learning all the numbers 1 - 9 this year.  The first page is all about the letter Aa!  It has a poem and activities from Alphabet Notebook pages from Homeschool Share.

_MG_1405_MG_1404(These cards are brilliant and have made something like them for each letter we have gone through.  Identifying different fonts were a very hard thing for Alex and Cyan, so with Logan I want to make sure he has an easier time with this skill.  They fit in the little pockets on each of the lapbook pages in the notebook.)


Another handwriting activity minibook for the letter Aa.

After the cardstock portion of the notebook there are his worksheet pages for each letter.  These ones work on patterning and handwriting.  Many of these pages are the Letter of the Week curriculum from Confessions of a Homeschooler.


The letter Bb is set up pretty much the same:


These are font cards that I made myself in Word for the letter Bb.


These are more materials from Homeschool Share for his Lapbook page.


Working on writing the letter Bb.


And uppercase and lowercase Bb recognition.


After this are the pages from LOTW and other sources that I find that center around either the letter of the week or the featured words (Example: for Bb it was Banana, Bird, and Butterfly (and Bear, and Buzz Lightyear)). 


The worksheet pages get put into his notebook and at the end of the 26 weeks he will have an amazing little book that not only shows all the letters along with activities for him to do in the lapbooks, but a record of his improvement throughout the year.  :)

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