Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Last day with the letter Bb

We got back yesterday from a three day camp out with the squad and so we are taking today very easy.  The rest of the day will be filled with movies from the library and naps.  :)

Box #1 writing exercise from LOTW


Box #2 was the Bb tub from Lakeshore Learning.  We went through and sounded out all the Bb words.


Box #3 was a frog matching paper.  The frogs were pretty similar.  It’s just more to establish that critical thinking that goes along with seeing the differences in the letter shapes.


Box #4 was a Montessori Practical Life activity.  Just to keep it with the Bb theme I had him do ‘buttons’. 


Box # 5 was a lacing and color sorting activity.


Box #6 was a number recognition activity.  He is really getting his numbers down!  He did this perfectly.


Box #7 was the Butterfly Number Game from LOTW.  Dad played with him today.  It was the best time ever!


Box # 8 was the clothes pin number match game.


Box #9 was the Leap Frog Letter Factory fridge letter set. (He was singing the song while we were doing box #2.  It made me very happy!)


Box #10 was the I Spy preschool game!  He loves this game!  Today started out playing with me and then I had to go and get the baby and he didn’t even wait… he just did the rest of the puzzle pieces all by himself! 


Proud boy!


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