Saturday, September 10, 2011

This post is brought to you by the letter Ee


Box #1 was another wipe off handwriting exercise book.  (Idea from here, printouts from here.) 


I make this one from a handwriting website that I found for some variety in Logan’s school days.  So far he thinks this one is great!  He likes the line at the bottom that doesn’t have any lines to trace…


Cuz then he can show me how he does the letters ‘all by himself’!

Box #2 was the letter Ee in sandpaper letters and the Lakeshore Learning Sounds Tub.


Box #3 was a set of worksheet we did together from either Homeschool Share, or LOTW.


Box #4 was the Waldorf Alphabet Book.


Box #5 was a Ee is for Elephant cutting exercise from LOTW.


Box #6 was the fridge magnet letters from Leap Frog that I have in there nearly every day.  The little song really helps him remember the sounds!


Box #7 was Ten Red Apples by Virginia Miller who writes all the Bartholomew books… what an adorable character!  At the end he makes apple pie from apples off his tree.  I think I will add this book back into his workboxes in a few weeks when we are ready to make something like that from our apple tree!


Box #8 was Boggle Jr.  This time I took out all the pieces that he wouldn’t be using and we timed him using my phone timer.  He was THRILLED to have matched the letter to all 5 words in less than 8 minutes.  :)


Box #9 was a Montessori Spindle Box activity.  He knows this one well now and did it all perfectly the first time he was asked!


Box #10 was “Ee is for Ed Emberley” and we played with fingerprints for about an hour.


I just LOVED watching his imagination take flight as he made sweet little critters!


It was also a great exercise in fine motor skills as it takes quite a bit to add the pen marks to your fingerprints to make them into animals. He did SUCH a great job!



countrycuttins said...

How fun! I will definitely be using the "Ee is for Ed Emberley" What a great idea, and I know the girls would have so much fun with it! Thanks Val :)

Ashley said...

I just love getting inspiration from your ideas for teaching!

I do have one question about the workboxes: How do you choose how many he does?

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Hi guys! Ashley - I always do 10 boxes for him. Mainly because the other two trofast boxes are currently storing MY stuff! LOL! But 10 is the right amount for about 2 hours of school work, which is about all you can ask of a 4 - 6 yr old. My other kids have 12 boxes or 10 boxes and a "done" larger box at the bottom that they empty when they are finished with their work. With Cyan (my 10 yr old) she puts all her own stuff away on the correct shelves when she is finished with her work and it's amazing how much easier it is to fill her boxes now that she is good at that! :)



(PS if we have a half day, we only do 6 boxes... like Friday we spent the morning at the fair and I only had them do 6 boxes that were focused on review and fun. :) )