Monday, November 14, 2011

And so we have entered that phase….

Logan: "Mom, how long ago was it when those guys started the war by crashing planes into buildings?”

Me: "A long time ago honey. Cyan was a baby. Younger than Luke."

Logan: "Like one hundred days?"

Me: "Many more than that."

Logan: "Like 60? Uh... 62? Um... 70?..... Mom! One hundred IS a lot!"


When no number, no matter how high, is bigger than one hundred.  I remember this phase with Cyan especially.  Because my best friend Sarah’s kids were both in the same phase and the three of them had a high number all their own.  155!  We would hear conversations when they were about 5 that started like this:

“There were so many!  Like 10!”

“No, there were more than that!”

“How many?”

“Like a million…. no… a thousand… no, I know!” Hushed and reverent tones ”Like, one hundred and fifty five.”

Conversations like this happened between the three kindergarteners for about a year.  Sarah and I would laugh and joke that one day they would realize that 155 was NOT the biggest number and their brains would explode.  Of course, some time in first grade they were taught place value and the hundreds and thousands were put in their place as the rightful top of the list.  But we have talked about that phase fondly for years now. 

Now I have another one in that phase.  And it sure is fun!

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