Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kaya - The American Girl


For the last 9 weeks Cyan has been studying the books about Kaya with a class at our co-op.  She has read 7 chapter books and the book Welcome to Kaya’s World (above) from cover to cover and answered questions about each chapter of each book.  For a girl, who just a year ago was getting rewarded for her first chapter book I was thrilled with the accomplishment! 

For a final project (and for her week off from co-op last week) I had her do a Kaya Lapbook to add to her Co-op binder.  All of these foldouts and minibooks minus the coloring sheet on the front of the lapbook were found at Homeschool Share.


It starts out with a picture Cyan colored of Kaya and her sister playing.  Above that is a fold out booklet of Kaya’s Favorite Things.

The next page is a two page spread of different parts of Kaya’s World. 


On these pages are where Kaya’s tribe lived in America, vocabulary words in Nes Pierce language, facts about the characters from the book and life with the Nes Pierce (called the Nimiipuu, which means ‘pierced noses’ in French). 

This is the vocabulary fold out:


And facts about Kaya and her tribe:


The last page talks about the series and Cyan’s opinion of the stories.  Her favorite book, what she learned, and facts about her favorite parts were all there.  The biggest part of this page for Cyan was the PLOT booklet.  She got a quick course in what a plot was and what parts were the conflict, rising action, climax, and resolution. 


For this portion of the book Cyan chose “Changes for Kaya” as the book and we had a great time talking about the story. I had no idea she was retaining so much information from the things she had read! It was super exciting for me as a mom to see this all take place without much effort from me at all. Cyan LOVES her co-op classes and I have to say, this one has truly impressed me.  After the lapbook we placed all of Cyan’s co-op work from the chapters there.  Then we placed two more card stock pages…  because Cyan said she had to do a lapbook for Josephina and Kirsten too!

They move on to Josephina next week. Smile


Erika said...

I love that! It is so wonderful to see children interested in actually learning from what they read. My girls are not homeschooled (yet) but I might see if they would like to do this. They love the AG historical dolls and their books. It is such a great way for young girls to learn about history.

Stephanie VanTassell said...

My daughter loves american girl! This is amazing I would like to invite you to link up this post on my Money Saving Monday Link Up to allow more people to see this wonderful idea.

Thank You,

Anonymous said...

I'm in the middle of putting together the American Girl class I'm teaching at our co-op starting in September and found this blog entry. I'm curious to know if you were once a member of a group (can't remember the name) of moms that delivered babies back in June/July 2001? I remember the name Cyan was the name of one of the babies and the mom I remember had an older son (like I did) and the new baby. I don't remember if you were homeschooling back then (if it's you) but I was (still am) and I *think* we may have emailed a time or two about it. If so, small world and so thrilled to see you dong some phenomenal stuff with your kids. If that wasn't you, you're still doing great stuff with them. :) Leigh (mom to Evan)

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Yes! I AM. That's amazing. Cyan was born July 2001 on the 13th. She just turned 12.

Feel free to contact me at BlueRoseMama @ to chat more. :)