Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Letter Ii is for Ice Cream!

Box #1: Some worksheets from Thanksgiving Pack from Our Little Monkeys.


Box #2: ABC Notebook using worksheets from various places but mostly from Homeschool Share.


In those was an idea from Pinterest that I modified for what Logan is working on.  I punched out 5 big circles and a triangle which I made into an ice-cream cone.  I put the numbers 5 - 9 on the circles and then had Logan put them in order on the cone in his notebook.  After that we had some fun and put “sprinkles” on the ice cream with glitter.


Box #3: Beginning Sounds Bingo.


Box #4: Dot to Dot Count to 10


Box #5: More from Thanksgiving Pack from Our Little Monkeys with patterning cards and matching shadows.


Box #6: Number Apples worksheet. 


Once again it was the numbers 5-9 I was concentrating on. 1 - 5 he has down.


Box #7: A Thanksgiving Puzzle from Thanksgiving Pack from Our Little Monkeys


Box # 8: Number Memory Game.


Box #9: Two books today.  I Spy Spooky Night and Thanksgiving Is Here! by Diane Goode. 


Box #10: Get Ready for the Code pages.


It all seems so repetitive and simple… but I can tell you that this way of learning is working VERY well for my little boy. 


Tonight he brought me a magazine he and Cyan had been looking at.  One the back of it he wrote ‘L-o-g- upside-down V (for an Aa) and a messy Nn’. Then next to them he wrote a ‘s - I - n’  He said “This is for me and Cyan.”  Now I know in text that looks strange, but we pronounce my daughter Cyan’s name like Ryan.  Just with an Ss sound at the start.  So when sounded out it would be Ss sound, long Ii, and then Nn!  He sounded out the word, wrote it the way it sounded, made completely recognizable letters, and knew what they meant in the right order!  That’s just blowing me away.  The level of comprehension that is required to make sense of language that way should be far beyond him, and yet……

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Frannie said...

Hey Val, Could you recommend the most important and versatile preschool/kindergarden materials you like to use with your kids. I'm getting prepared for starting kindergarden & preschool homeschooling next year and am overwhelmed by everything out there. But, financially, I need to start gathering things now. I really enjoy the way you take from so many resources and make it your own. you've definitly been an inspiration and great "tool" for me and my boys. Thanks for your help