Thursday, November 3, 2011

The start of the month of Thankfulness and the letter Ii

Box #1: Get Ready for the Code


Box #2: Worksheets for math and the letter Ii from Homeschool Share.


Box #3: the beloved Ecojournal!  Today in the adventures of Trickle Creek we read about feeding the birds in the fall and winter and when a full grown turkey came to Trickle Creek and got chased by their cat! 


We decided to fill up our bird feeder and count how many birds visited in the next 10 minutes:


Box #4: Cutting practice from Thanksgiving Pack from Our Little Monkeys


Box #5: a glue and grains activity to make pictures with beans and split peas from the pantry:


Cyan and Logan:


Box #6: Beginning Sounds game!  He loves it… the orange level was a bit hard for him (contains Ss and Zz on the same list!) but the other three are loved and played often.


Box #7: Nomenclature cards from the same Thanksgiving Pack above.  Smile


Box #8: Handwriting activity with Hh and Ii


Box #9 Dot to Dot count to 10.  This time he did it with a yellow highlighter and a ruler!  It was fun.


Box #10: Feeling Faces board game and a piece of Hh is for Halloween Candy!  Smile



Family Style School said...

I love your idea of grain art. I did that once with some scouts, and never thought to do it in homeschool. This will be so fun! Thanks for sharing!

Sarah said...

Oooh box #6 beginning sounds game, I'd love to look at that next time I'm over!