Thursday, September 29, 2011

First day of the Wetlands Study - SWAMP SODA


Our first day of Cyan’s wetland study was celebrated with a fun little drink that Alex made for each of us.  Inspired by this pin on Pinterest.


Can you see the fish eggs?  I was so proud!  Smile

Monday, September 12, 2011

Letter Ee - day 2

In the first box there were several activities that he and I did together.  At first we used the sandpaper letters, and Lakeshore Learning Letter Sounds Tub, and several printable worksheets from LOTW.


This one was the most fun of the day.  We made the puzzle of the elephant and then I had him dictate a story on the same page.  His story was filled with baby elephants getting lost and then being found again by his mother and father… It was SO cute! 


Box #2 was a dot to dot that only used 1 - 10.


Box #3 was Beginning Sounds Bingo.  He knew quite a few of them and best of all, he won!


Box #4 was the Leapfrog Letter Factory fridge letters.


Box #5 was the Montessori fine motor skills activity with tongs.


Box #6 was a number recognition skills worksheet where he had to cut out the numbers and put them in the proper order.  This was the first time that I had him work with scissors without my help.  He did really well!


Box #7 was the Fall Ecojournal.  Once again, I can’t recommend these books enough!  We are not using them every week for this curriculum but I am sure that we will go back to them again and again through out the seasons for some really neat activities. 


Today was studying a fall fern and the spores on the underside of the leaf.


Box #6 was a color mixing activity. 


These were just old droppers I had on hand that I filled with water and food coloring.  Then I added tiny white bowls and he was off and coloring.  He loved it so much that when he was done with his work he went back and did this activity some more.


Box #8 was Oops & Oopsie cards for a bit of Yoga.


Box #10 was a counting book called “Ten Dogs in the Window”.


After this last box today we went to the library and got a few more books on the Autumn season.  It was a great homeschool day!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

This post is brought to you by the letter Ee


Box #1 was another wipe off handwriting exercise book.  (Idea from here, printouts from here.) 


I make this one from a handwriting website that I found for some variety in Logan’s school days.  So far he thinks this one is great!  He likes the line at the bottom that doesn’t have any lines to trace…


Cuz then he can show me how he does the letters ‘all by himself’!

Box #2 was the letter Ee in sandpaper letters and the Lakeshore Learning Sounds Tub.


Box #3 was a set of worksheet we did together from either Homeschool Share, or LOTW.


Box #4 was the Waldorf Alphabet Book.


Box #5 was a Ee is for Elephant cutting exercise from LOTW.


Box #6 was the fridge magnet letters from Leap Frog that I have in there nearly every day.  The little song really helps him remember the sounds!


Box #7 was Ten Red Apples by Virginia Miller who writes all the Bartholomew books… what an adorable character!  At the end he makes apple pie from apples off his tree.  I think I will add this book back into his workboxes in a few weeks when we are ready to make something like that from our apple tree!


Box #8 was Boggle Jr.  This time I took out all the pieces that he wouldn’t be using and we timed him using my phone timer.  He was THRILLED to have matched the letter to all 5 words in less than 8 minutes.  :)


Box #9 was a Montessori Spindle Box activity.  He knows this one well now and did it all perfectly the first time he was asked!


Box #10 was “Ee is for Ed Emberley” and we played with fingerprints for about an hour.


I just LOVED watching his imagination take flight as he made sweet little critters!


It was also a great exercise in fine motor skills as it takes quite a bit to add the pen marks to your fingerprints to make them into animals. He did SUCH a great job!


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cyan’s last day on the Woods Unit Study


For the last day of Cyan’s wood study I bought her an owl pellet to dissect!  She spent about an hour and a half pulling it apart and analyzing the bones that were inside.

The sheet that came with the owl pellet kit had a question and answer part that she got to fill out.  She figured out that this particular owl only ate about one prey per day.  She also discovered that it’s prey that it ate that day was a rodent/mouse.  She found most of the larger bones and a few of the vertebrae and was able to put the skeleton together with the help of the diagram pages to see how big the rodent was.


This whole study has been amazing!  If you haven’t looked into Winter’s Promise before, I highly suggest it.  It is so well thought out and usually a lot of fun involved in the curriculum.  This science curriculum has been wonderful so far!


Some of the other resources that she used for this study:

One Small Square - Woods

Winters Promise - Animal Habitats Science Curriculum

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Last day of the Letter Dd

Box #1 was Nature Bingo that we played as a whole family.  It was crazy fun!  :)


Box #2 was the Waldorf Alphabet Book with the Lakeshore Learning Letter Tub


Box #3 was the Dd pages from LOTW.



Box #4 was a sorting game with shoe laces and colored beads.


Box #5 was the wipe-off tracing handwriting book.  Idea from here.


Box #6 was a coin sorting activity.  American Currency this time.


Box #7 was the Dd is for Dumptruck puzzle which Logan put together all on his own and was SO proud!


Box #8 was Harvest by Kris Waldherr and In the Garden flash cards with easy words on the back.


After this book we did a bit of “Harvest” of our own in the garden.  :)


Box #9 was a new hand-me-down gift from my friend Heather. 


It’s called Logico and it has different pegs that you move like multiple choice answers that are self correcting (because each color is only used once). It’s a great addition to my preschool fun boxes!

Box #10 was, once again the Leap Frog letter factory Fridge Letters.


While we were in the garden, we got a little brush up on pollination from our little friend here. 


We followed him to the oregano, then to this big sunflower, and then he left our yard.  We talked about where he must have gone to make honey for his bee family and then we brought in our haul and made our yummy corn for lunch!


It was a yummy homeschooling day!