Saturday, October 10, 2009

Charlotte's Web - The Play

Picture from the play website.

Last night we went to the play of Charlotte's Web. It was a cozy little theatre with only about 60 seats in the audience. We were in the second row, face to face with Wilbur, Charlotte, Fern and all the other characters.

I have to admit that taking toddlers to a play is not my idea of fun. But I thought that this play would be exciting enough, and also low key enough content that Logan just might enjoy it. And he did! He sat, completely enthralled for the entire 1.5 hours of the play (with intermission cookie, of course). He didn't even talk, except when Wilbur stated that Charlotte drank blood... to that he said "Ewww... YUCK!" very loudly... and made everyone around us laugh. Including Wilbur.

The other kids loved it as well. We talked about our favorite parts on our way home:

Cyan: "Charlotte. For sure, Charlotte. She was so beautiful and after the play I talked to her and told her she had a pretty dress and she told me that her teacher made it for her and let me touch her arms."

Alex: "I have two, well actually no, I have three. The first one where Templeton had the rotten egg. The second one was where he got the egg sack down, and the third was the last web."

Logan: "I 'ike the firewuks." (Fireworks: Which were lights projected on to the wall, but he thought that was super cool.)

After the play, when they were doing the "meet and greet" someone came up to Alex and told him he did a great job. He stood there stuttering as she went on to ask him if being up there was hard and he must have a lot of energy to keep bouncing around like that. Finally, Alex spilled out that he wasn't the kid who played Avery, Fern's 12 year old brother, but even Alex admitted to that being a long 2 minutes of fame.

When the big kids were meeting the characters, Logan hung back a bit... not really knowing what to do. He was kind of daunted by Charlotte and Wilbur, but when we got to Fern's Mom (far right, above in blue dress) he said "I 'ike dat show. Is good." She nearly melted in the cuteness. ;)

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