Sunday, October 4, 2009

Harvest Moon

Img from here. I have still not been able to capture a good full moon. Even with my tripod.

We are just getting over a week of nasty colds. It started with Logan on Tuesday and then gone through the whole family, ending with Don and I this weekend. What a sucky way to start fall!

Tonight Don and I were feeling much better. So we decided to celebrate the full harvest moon. Cyan saw it after dinner and we all ran outside. Much less of a planned thing than last year, but I did have some books I had gotten for the occasion. We got some cider and cocoa from Starbucks and found ourselves a nice hill... we sat at the top of the hill in the car, all still decked in our jammies for the most part, drank our treats and read our books. It was a wonderful little tradition that I am glad we were able to keep, regardless of the illness.

The first book we read was Kitten's First Full Moon by Kevin Henkes. It is a cute little book about a kitten who thinks that the moon is a big bowl of milk and tries to chase it. It was perfect for Logan.

The next book was for the bigger kids. Full of wonderful facts and short poems, When the Moon is Full by Mary Azarian is the perfect book to take along with you on an impormptu field trip like this. The last pages have questions (which also have answers) that you can ask your kids about the moon and it's workings. It was perfect... the art is beautiful too.

I am very glad we are all on the mend, and also very glad we didn't miss this traditional celebration with our kids.

How do you celebrate the harvest moon? Any moon books that you love?

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Tan Family said...

We've been reading "Goodnight Moon" in English, Spanish and French. Lovely blog post!