Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fall books we love

In our storage box for the Autumn season we have a bag of cookie cutters that are shaped like apples, pumpkins, cats, and bats. We have a small wreath that we decorate with fall leaves each year for the front door. We have glass pumpkins that my husband made during his years as an artist. And the kids Trick or Treat bags I made them. We have a binder of ideas for Autumnal crafts and pictures of our nature table from past falls... and we have books.

I don't like to keep tons of books out all the time, but when I bring these books out just for the season it is such a treat to read them over and over again. Kind of like the first time you put on Christmas music in December. You look forward to the ritual and really enjoy hearing those tunes and listening to everyone in the house (even the avid haters of Christmas music) belt out the familiar but forgotten tunes. It is like this with our Autumn books.

Here are our favorites (all imgs from Amazon):

I am not sure why I didn't pull these out until tonight... but we read them all in one sitting. We read Owl Babies twice! I look forward to putting some more of the Autumnal box to work in the next few days making cookies and pumpkin pie for our Halloween celebration... but for tonight the giggles that came from: "'I want my mommy' said Bill" was enough.


sarah in the woods said...

I love the idea of having fall books to bring out. I do that with Christmas books but didn't think of doing the same for other special times. I think I'll start!

nestof3 said...

Ahh. Brambly Hedge and Owl Babies. Definite favorites around here!