Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Muffin Tin Monday ~ Or Muffin MOON Monday

This weeks theme over at Muffin Tin Monday was "All About Me". I didn't have a whole lot of bright ideas since we have spent the week being terribly sick, but the kids wanted to put it together so I thought; what is more "all about me" than a dinner, completely picked by the kids?

In this meal is my kids favorite soup; tomato with noodles in it, apples and carrots to signify the season, and 'full moon' cheese sandwiches to celebrate the full moon (Cyan was VERY into celebrating the full moon)... and then leftover Oreo's from a visit from our cousin. Which are a fast favorite that the kids know I will never buy... so they loved adding it in here.

I found this little dinner tray at goodwill the other day and brought it home for my vehicle loving Logan. He thought it was just about the best 'plate' ever!

And to drink... the boys had Keifer (a yogurt drink) and Cyan and I had pink lemonade in fancy 'girl' glasses.

"See mama? I told you it looked like the moon." lol...


An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

I've awarded you the One Lovely Blog Award.

You can find info, and the rules for the award on my blog - almostunschoolers(at)blogspot(dot)com.

Have a great day.

Michelle, Muffin Tin Mom said...

wonderful! I love how you made the theme your own, thanks for joining us every week!

MuddyMuse said...

I love it! We do ice cube snack trays. My six year old loves to fill the empty ice trays with small snacks like raisins or goldfish.....we will have to try the muffin tin this week.