Sunday, October 25, 2009

More Logan quotes

"Mama, you need go hit Alex."

"What? Why?"

"Because he be rude to me. Alex talk RUDE to ME!"

"Buddy, I don't hit people for being rude."

"Harumph..." as he stomps out with his little hands on his hips.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Later that morning ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Mama! You need to talk Alex."

"Why, what's up buddy."

"He won't let me see eggs."

"Isn't he cooking your eggs?"

Husband comes in from shower "What's goin' on?"

Logan "Alex won't let me see eggs!" as I say "He's cooking them."

Husband "Why won't he let you see them? Come on... lets go talk with him about it."

Logan follows husband to the kitchen to 'talk' with Alex... all the way with his hands on his hips making little 'harumph' noises... and I sigh. Funny boys.

Apple = Tree


(BTW, we don't hit. lol... just in case you were wondering about that.)

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