Sunday, October 9, 2011

ASL for the oldest

Alex has been wanting to learn ASL for about two years now.  I have been getting him all kinds of materials and working with him (I have limited knowledge of the language) as much as I can, but he was still hungry for more.  This year I set him up with a co-op class that does ASL on Friday mornings. 

He has just poured his energy into this and to add to it I set up a ‘final exam’ for him to do a complete interpretation of The Napping House by Christmas.  Yesterday was his first day working on the project and I don’t think it will take him more than a few weeks to do the whole book.  He was AMAZING!  I have never seen him pick up anything so fast!  It is as if physical language comes naturally to him. 


And it was pretty amazing to watch his first attempts yesterday during school. 

I love seeing that type of success for my children.  I don’t mind that it doesn’t happen often because the feeling is so sweet when it does!  He was positively vibrating with excitement that he could do this so quickly and so well.  I’ll have to record the final draft with the camera so you all can see it as well.  It’s pretty great!  :)

It’s great being a homeschooler!

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