Saturday, October 22, 2011

Swamp field trips


Cyan’s wetland study is coming to a close.  This biome is so diverse it’s amazing!  You can have a wetland with alligators, or a wetland with tigers, or a wetland with flamingos.  It just depends on where you are. 

Most of the larger wetland areas we have around us are deltas that are generally brackish water (or a mix of salt and fresh).  The one we studied specifically for her wetlands unit was Nisqually River Basin.  At the Nisqually Wildlife Refuge sight it runs into the sound about 5 miles from the drive/walking areas.  There are several trails that you can walk in most seasons (right now the ones farther out are closed due to hunting) and you will see TONS of birds of all kinds.  Geese and other water fowl, herons and other waders, and tons of tiny birds are all abundant right now.  In the Spring you can watch as a great horned owl hatches her young and they fledge from a tree right above the short loop trail.  They will even let you rent binoculars for the occasion!  It has been a really wonderful study and I am sad to see it go.
Our last biome of this unit is the desert.  None around us so that will be interesting.  I plan on getting lots of library videos for her to watch for that one.  Winking smile
It’s great to be a homeschooler!

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