Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hh is for Harvest!

Box #1 was some math worksheets to do with mom.  Our current focus in Math is the numbers 6-10.  He has the others down really well now.  Smile



Box #2 was Get Ready for the Code and he is now starting to get the format of the book.  The pages go faster and easier and his handwriting is getting better all the time!


Box #3: I used this as a timed number recognition tool today.  I held up a card and he said what it was as fast as he could (he could count if he needed to).  I made the third round the “Lightening Round” and he got a Skittle for each number he got correct on the first guess (he got 7 skittles out of 10).


Box #4 was a handwriting activity.


Box #5 was a Montessori Practical Life activity with lacing, velcro, and buttoning.


Box #6 was my beloved Ecojournals.  We took a little walk outside and collected leaves for an activity tomorrow.


Box #7 was an Eye Spy jar I made for him years ago.  But this time I made drawn little cards of objects to find in it.


Box #8: Favorite activity of today!  We made our own Dot-to-Dots!  I wrote the numbers 1 - 10 on stickers and he placed them on a piece of paper.  Then he and I followed the numbers to make a picture.  These were the masterpieces we came up with!


Box #9 was a letter matching activity with our names.


Box #10 was a Fall Harvest book and going out and gathering the very last of our summer tomatoes!


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